Why Use a Smart Home Alarm System

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The Gigaset Smart Home Alarm System is the first and only whole-house wireless alarm system that is wirelessly integrated with the most up-to-date security management tools and monitoring services for the home. The Alarm system has an in-built sensor that recognizes signatures of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and intruders. When these are detected, a signal is sent to the central control. It is important for pet owners: the alarm is silent during house training, so small pets of less than 25lbs do not trigger the system.

An Overview

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A keyless entry system allows smart home alarm system owners to use their new system from any access point. Entry points can be controlled by touch pads, intercoms, or telephone buttons. The keyless entry system comes with smart control panels that are removable and carry a durable, shock-proof carrying case. These control panels can be used on any type of premises. A quick push of the button will lock or unlock doors.

With the installation of the Gigaset Smart Home Alarm System, a motion detection system is installed that uses sensors to monitor the entire house and are customizable for any area code. All entry and exit points are controlled by touch pads or intercoms. Door contacts are monitored via radio frequency. For a full automation solution, as well as automation of temperature control, lighting, sprinklers, AC and DC, and automatic security locking, a power control panel is also included. Advanced algorithms automatically adjust the level of energy usage to provide safe, uniform temperatures.

Safety Features

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For additional security, a companion mobile app for iPhones, Android, and Blackberry devices is also available. The companion mobile app for iPhones, Android, and Blackberry devices offers users a remote monitoring service that will alert the authorities in the case of an emergency, as well as automatically send emergency text messages and emails. Users can activate the alert from anywhere using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. In addition to monitoring the security of the property, the companion mobile app can also give advice on what to do in case of an emergency, contact the authorities, and send messages to family members and friends.

A smart home alarm system for intruders can also benefit from motion detectors. The motion detector will detect movement on its sensor and sound an audible alarm when movement is detected. The integration of the motion detectors into the Smart Home Alarm System will provide comprehensive protection and security for your home. The motion detectors work independently and do not require any backup from a professional monitoring station. When an intruder activates the alarm, it will immediately dial the designated emergency number. If you are at home, you will receive an immediate alert, and if you are away from the device will contact the monitoring station.

Top Sensors 

Other sensors that can be integrated into the smart home alarm system are cameras. This type of sensor is perfect for preventing against forced entry, as it can monitor any suspicious activities. Installing cameras around the house and especially at the front and back doors will help prevent against forced entry. Some cameras are equipped with video recording, so you can use the recordings to serve as evidence in case you need to submit reports to law enforcement agencies. You can also use the recorded clips for surveillance purposes. These cameras are especially useful if you want to view what happened during an incident without having to wait for a police officer to arrive.

Many people feel more comfortable using a smartphone for monitoring their home security, as it can be used virtually anywhere, even if you are on vacation. A smartphone offers all the benefits of having a monitoring system in a hands-free fashion, which is a significant advantage over traditional monitoring devices. If you have the luxury of scheduling your own days off, you can set up your smart phone app to alert you if anything unusual happens at home, no matter how uneventful it might otherwise seem. You may also choose to install an app that will automatically send you a text message alerts when doors or windows are opened after you’ve set them to “closed” when you’re away from home.


The other type of smart home alarm system sensor is the motion sensor, which is designed to detect when there’s someone trying to enter your home. There are many types of motion sensor available, including PIR (passive infrared) sensors and photo-sensory alarms. With a PIR sensor, you need to open the door or window to detect its presence, while photo-sensory alarms work by detecting changes in ambient light that may indicate an intruder. Both types of sensors are quite effective at detecting unwanted entries, but it’s important to install both types at the same time, in order to ensure that your alarm system has full coverage. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your motion sensor, however, you’ll generally need two separate sensors.

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