Top 4 Smart Home Products You Must Have

The smart home products are getting exciting day by day. These smart home products are there for almost every work from cleaning to security. The devices are getting more advanced now they will not only tell you time or set your alarm. Now you can cook with giving a voice command. You can also light your room, set your AC from anywhere you want.

Top Four Smart Home Products You Must Have

In simple words, you can say those home products are not just for fun anymore. They can be productive now, and you can control them in various situations.

Four Smart Home Products

Amazon Echo Family

In case you are looked to buy a smart home hub. Then you must go to the Amazon Echo family. These Amazon Echo devices are Bluetooth speaker with voice assistant Alexa. It’s not simple Bluetooth speakers that play a song for you. It works with various smart home products as well. And it comes in multiple variants like Echo Dot which is the cheap base option of the Amazon Echo family. And it has other variants as well. If you want to make a video call and like that stuff then you can go to the Echo Show. These all are a great speaker with many functions.

white Amazon Echo Dot speaker on book

Logitech Harmony Elite

In this voice command era if you still love old remote, then this Logitech Harmony Elite is for you. Do not worry if you like old remote rather than voice assistant hubs. We have searched for a product for you. It is a Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote controller. It does not like you ordinary remote controller; it’s a smart device. It can control more than your TV and speaker. This remote control comes with Harmony Home Hub to control other devices. It can connect with any Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or infrared gadgets in your home.

Sky Bell HD Home Surveillance Camera

Sky Bell HD is a smart home surveillance camera. It’s a video doorbell a different take on security cameras. It allows you to see and check what’s happening. The looks of this Sky Bell HD is like its earlier variant. But it’s different and has some new fresh and highly developed features. Now this Sky Bell HD home security camera can record in full HD mode. And it also has a color night vision to capture things at night. It can also connect with other smart home products as well. And the best part has free cloud storage for your recorded videos.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

Top Four Smart Home Products You Must Have

In case you are changing your old devices with new smart once. Then you must look for intelligent lighting by Philips. It is the Philips Hue family; these are bright lighting. It allows you to control the intensity of the light and color. But it’s an expensive home product. And now these golden hue Philips lighting works with other ecosystems as well. You can also use these bulbs outdoor. And you can control millions of colors with this Philips Hue smart lighting.


These are the top four smart products you must look for. We have only taken four products, but there are many more smart home products.

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