Top 3 Reasons to Buy Google Smart Home Devices in 2020 -

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Google Smart Home Devices in 2020

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In this modern time, we all know about Google Voice Assistant and now we don’t have to go far to command whatever we want to do by using Google Smart Home Devices. These devices are upgrading time and time again from Google Nest Audio to Google Nest Audio 1. 

Times are changing and we are relying more on technology as it progresses. From opening the door to listen to music, a home system of compatible Google Smart Devices is the dawn of the next generation. So, let’s dive into that burning question as to why should we buy these devices?

Always Ready to Help

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From the year 2016, the Google Assistant has become more progressive. We can tell Google Home to do anything from searching the websites to check the time. But, the revolutionary movement came when six distinctive voices can be included in the system which will enable the customization of the voices such as getting different answers depending on who’s talking.

From not using the word “wake” anymore to getting personalized profiles for each member of your family, smart speakers are always evolving. Though you can buy anything using your voice, you have to be careful the voice assistant can be fooled easily by someone else sounding like you. 

Special features of Google Smart Home Devices 

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The Google Smart Home Devices can do more, such as:

  • Routine: With Commands like “I’m leaving” or “Good Morning” you can get personalized smart responses via playing the news or telling your commute.
  • Night mode: Google Home can decrease the volume of music or its responses regarding the time of the day. You can make your to-do list by just voicing it.
  • Storytime: Google Home can also play stories from Nickelodeon or Disney at night. Along with that, you can read stories and Google Smart Home can arrange some appropriate sound effect and background music.
  • Broadcasting: You can talk to one smart device and it can relay it through the whole house via all the connected devices. You can also broadcast to just one smart device and use one simple voice command to comment on that broadcast.
  • Calling and more: You can make phone calls and issue multiple in sequence. The most useful feature of Google Home though is its recipe assistance. Just like while driving Google Home Speaker can tell you the way, it can tell the perfect recipe of your perfect dish step by step. You can also move it forwards and backwards.

It’s all about the Music

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You can listen to all types of Music after setting up the Google Smart Home system. You can use it as a bluetooth speaker and ask what song you would like to listen to. You can also listen to music just by recalling it by the lyrics if you forget the name of the song. It can also start to play a certain genre or playlist just by one command.

Google can play songs from diverse streaming services like YouTube, Spotify and Pandora. You can specifically ask one service to be played while you command to play a song. Google Smart Home Speaker will always pick that service first but it can also play from other services if you command it by name.


Google Smart Home Devices include so many smart electronics besides smart speakers. However, Google is always adding new features to it to make it more advanced. Google, Apple and Amazon are all fighting for the top spot in the market and adding new aspects to the Google Smart Home as updates. Thus, investing in a new Google Smart Speaker would be a good idea for now.

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