Starter Homes An Ideal Investment for Young Americans

starter home

A starter home is basically a residential property which is generally the first that an individual or family may be able to buy, often employing a combination of mortgage loans and savings. This can prove to be an extremely valuable asset to any potential purchaser due to the fact that it is so completely unassuming. The only giveaway that you are actually living in a “starter” home is the roof. Because this type of property is typically the first that a potential buyer will have in their possession, they can present themselves with an opportunity that otherwise would not be there. Because the starter home is normally a much cheaper building than a normal home on the market, they present the buyer with a way to get started while still having to keep the realistic costs down of a regular home.

Types Of Houses For Sale

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There are three major differences between these types of houses for sale. First, starter homes normally have much less square footage than regular single family homes. They also usually don’t come with a yard, which for many buyers is just as important as having a large amount of space to play in. Because of this, first-time home buyers are advised to buy a lot that they will not overfill, so as to avoid buying a building that will not provide the ideal living situation later on.

Starter homes also do not have the option of a choice in terms of floor plans. They are typically the only type of house that has a definite layout and order. While some people may prefer the freedom that comes with having a say in the construction of their house, others simply cannot live without a kitchen, bathroom or even a driveway. As such, when choosing your ideal starter home, be sure to choose one that matches your particular needs and tastes. While a starter home may be perfect for someone looking to build their own dream home in the near future, it is best not to leave it until the last minute.

Cons Of Starter Home

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The major disadvantage of a starter home is that it does not provide any flexibility with regards to your real estate agent or lenders. In the event that you find a great house but it is located too far from your primary residence, you may end up having to go back to the beginning of the process or try to find a new buyer. In addition to that, if you choose to move and stay in your first house for only a year or two, you will forfeit any interest that you would have accrued on your primary residence. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a location that you will want to live in for the next five years or more.

A starter home, while generally a great option for first time buyers, is not the best place to live for a decade or longer. While it can be quite affordable initially, in the long run you are essentially paying for the rental value of your home rather than the actual cost of building your own structure. Buyers who are looking for long-term investments should look elsewhere, especially if they are planning on relocating into that particular area in the future.

Pros Of Starter Home

However, it is important to note that there are some starter homes that carry low carrying costs. These properties tend to be in less expensive locations and therefore do not carry as much monthly upkeep or maintenance costs. This makes them an ideal choice for those who are moving into that property for the long haul. In most cases, these types of properties are sold on a fix-and-forget basis so there is no need to worry about property taxes or maintenance fees. This is also very beneficial to individuals who are interested in investing in real estate but do not want to have to worry about financial obligations tied to a home.

Buying a starter home is an excellent way to get started in the real estate market. They work as a great foundation for a strong investment portfolio because they are generally a less expensive purchase. For this reason, many people who are interested in buying an apartment choose to buy a starter home and lease it out while they build their portfolio and eventually find a more suitable place to live. In addition, buying an apartment can help to lower a potential individual’s insurance premiums since they are less likely to become a victim of crime or fall victim to fire.

Last Thought

There are many starter homes available for purchase in today’s real estate market. This is especially true among Americans looking to relocate to other countries such as Canada. Although there are a lot of single-family homes available, these homes are generally far from desirable locations. They are often located in less desirable neighborhoods or areas. This makes them an excellent choice for young Americans who wish to buy a property but do not wish to live in a less than desirable location.

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