Some Techie Geeks Gifts For Christmas

techie gadgets

Techie gadgets are a dime a dozen nowadays but which ones are worth buying and which ones should be avoided? This is the million dollar question. Let me shed some light on the subject for you.

Techie gadgets are a dime a dozen these days but which ones are worth buying and which ones should be avoided? Here at Shut Up & Take Money we like to introduce you to five techie gadgets which will blow your face off (and hopefully not your pocketbook!) the miniaturization of electronic parts. When it comes to techie gadgets you need to pay attention to tiny details such as – how the little widget worked, what did it do, where did it go, did it break anything, did it need recharging, and who designed this? A miniaturized electronic component is no smarter than an unbranded, regular component.

Techie Gadgets

The first and foremost techie gadget you should consider is the Techie JB Clip, a waterproof battery operated music player with a 1.8 inch screen that doubles as a projector. Can you say “pocket size audio system”! Yes, this is one gadget that you could use every single day in the office or at home and if it were not waterproof you would have to spend all your time in the bathroom getting it wet because all you would get out of it is a big mess.

Next on our list of Techie Gadgets for Christmas is the Techie Hammock for your Christmas camping trip. Why am I telling you this? Well, because it does exactly what it says – it wraps you up. Now if you do not want to be strapped up to the tree like a snowman you could use a hamster ball for Christmas instead. But then again, you can always get a dog house instead if that is what you really want.

Other Gadgets

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Another one of the best techie gadgets for Christmas is the Techie Brass Door Opener which is a very cool device that can be used either for home or for office. You will need to go to a store for this one if you do not have one already. There are many tech gadgets you could use to make your life easier (or more difficult). However, the fact that this particular gadget is also waterproof speaks for itself. It is definitely a must-have this year especially if you are planning to take a dip into the pool or maybe have the kids over to help you celebrate Christmas.

We cannot forget the Techie Security Camera because it is truly one of the most amazing techie gadgets we have here today. The fact that you can use it even while you are sleeping is just awesome. The Techie Security Camera can also turn into a smart security camera so you do not actually need a big digital photo frame. What you can do is to connect the Security Camera to your PC through its USB cable and then you can have access to all your photos taken in just a few minutes. I mean, how cool is that?

Last but not least in the list of techie gadgets we have here are the new gadgets such as the Open-ear Audio Smart Phone or simply the Walkie Talkie. This handy little gadget can be called your personal walking iPod because it has the same capabilities as an iPod. A nice feature of this gadget is that it can also be used as a Walkie Talkie. So now you have a walkie talkie and a walkie.

That’s it for your Christmas list this year. Hopefully, next year you will have a few more Christmas gadgets for your list. Your husband will surely love you more once you give him the latest techie gadgets this year. In fact, your techie husband will probably be so happy that you took time out from your busy schedule to find him new gadgets for Christmas this year. Happy holidays!

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