Smart Home Ideas for the Coming Year

smart home ideas 2017

This article covers smart home ideas for the coming year. As the UK makes moves to build more homes on green spaces, smart home ideas from across the globe are being taken into account. These include solar energy use and smart meters for utilities. In the US state of Maine, legislation is moving forward to make smart electricity meters mandatory. Other states, such as California, are considering similar legislation.

Relatively Expensive Way Of Generating Electricity For Most People

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As part of smart home ideas for the coming year, solar panels should be an option for those who want to make use of this free, renewable energy source. The only challenge here in the UK is that there isn’t a lot of experience in the installation of solar panels on houses. It is also a relatively expensive way of generating electricity for most people. That is why, in many areas, a solar energy system might not be the best smart home idea.

Solar panels, however, can provide a solution. With careful planning and a little know-how, they can provide almost complete electricity. A small solar panel can generate enough energy to run a refrigerator, a personal computer, a hair dryer and a couple of televisions. If you have some experience installing things, then you might be able to install your own solar panel.

Another smart home idea for the coming year is smart meters. These are similar to smart meters that are used by utility companies in the US. With these meters, you will receive a bill, which you can then use to find out how much energy your house is using and how much power it is producing. The utility company, in return, will supply you with the amount it costs them to provide energy to your house.

Installation Of An Energy

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Another smart home idea for the coming year involves the installation of an energy-efficient boiler. It is estimated that 20% of British homes are burned because they are not set up to efficiently heat their homes. So, if you want to be well-informed about how you can save money and reduce household emissions, get your boiler fitted with an energy-efficient model.

The third smart home idea for the coming year focuses on the proper handling of household cleaning products. New studies have shown that more than a third of all house cleaners contain harmful chemicals. In the last few years, manufacturers of cleaning products have been manufacturing products that are healthier and also more environmentally-friendly. This means that your family is less exposed to harmful toxins and they are less likely to suffer from allergic reactions.

The fourth smart home idea for the coming year involves the use of LED lights. LED lights are now cheaper than ever. They are lightweight and can easily be integrated into the design of a room or a whole house. And, as technology improves, they are expected to become even more efficient.

One Of The Biggest Expenses Related To Maintaining A Smart Home

The fifth smart home idea for the coming year focuses on the proper maintenance of water pipes. Older houses often have faulty or dirty pipes. This is one of the biggest expenses related to maintaining a smart home. Fortunately, with newer technology, pipes can be serviced more efficiently, and they do not pose any unnecessary risks to the homeowner. As the years go by, more smart home plans will focus on making sure that the house has an efficient plumbing system.

One other smart home idea for the coming year involves installing motion sensors in the home. There have been many instances where people’s homes were robbed overnight. However, with these motion sensors, someone will be alerted if there is movement in the home. This allows the homeowner to react faster and he can either investigate what is happening or contact the police for assistance.

Another one of the smart home ideas for the coming year involves the use of artificial intelligence. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have been hard at work creating intelligent robotic androids that can serve as caretakers for those who can’t be around on a daily basis. If the robot is not working properly, the homeowner won’t have to worry about it going on a wild goose chase every night. Instead, he can rest easy knowing that the robot is doing his job well.

Last Words

Of course, this list is by no means conclusive. There are many more smart home ideas out there. By spending some time online looking for information on each one, you will be able to come up with your own unique smart home ideas for the coming year.

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