Nanoleaf Light Panels Will Learn And Adapt To You

Nanoleaf Light Panels Will Learn And Adapt To You

Along with its patented technology, Nanoleaf’s Smarter Series provides an elite feeling. Each of Nanoleaf Light Panels provides a customized lighting feature.

CES 2020- Nanoleaf:

  • For its fifth edition of CES 2020, Nanoleaf put one of the largest tech shows. With its vast technology innovations on the floor, the Nanoleaf’s booth and panel setup attracted both brand and attendees alike.
  • Besides, Nanoleaf’s panels and booths also made huge appearances at Razor, Samsung, and Bosch.
  • Nanoleaf’s new version line of Unified Light Panels shapes the Unified Hexagons front and center. Following this, significant improvement aspects between Nanoleaf’s spec upgrades and tech aspects are impressed. Besides, this marks the start line of the interoperability of Nanoleaf’s future elements.
  • After their Q2 and Q3 release, the new snap-on mounting system, the sleek shape, and LayoutDetect colour show unveiled ultrathin panels. Besides, the series builds the gap through their U-IQ, which customizes lighting according to your personality.
  • Differing from its usual designs, the “gaming room” feature by Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror gives an immersive 360-degree experience. Besides, their creative walls show an expansive show of colours and light through designs such as whimsical jellyfish dance and crackling fires.
  • However, Nanoleaf’s final feature, the Rhythm feature, adds an exciting, dancing, and reacting music around the light panels.
Nanoleaf Light Panels Will Learn And Adapt To You
Nanoleaf Light Panels Will Learn And Adapt To You

Absolute 47- The Workspace Wonderful:

  • Nanoleaf’s Absolute 47 delivers unique experience products made from creative thoughts through lighting up the entire stretch with their light panels.
  • Each of Absolute 47’s shared workspaces gives a different vibe with unique concepts and aesthetics. Besides, each of their work cubicles contains thoughtful designs and curates a specific purpose.
  • Also, Nanoleaf’s smart work fusion venue has an environment that provides escape from their regular corporate routine. Along with its seating area’s additional lighting features, Space features 30 lights to add a playful nature.
  • Besides, their Create venue holds a dose of inspiration with excellent designs from their DIY enthusiasts and crafters. Also, its 45 vibrant canvas tech maintains its whimsical along with its futuristic tech aspects.
  • Apart from this, Nanoleaf Canvas and Panel Lights hold as the focal element creating more of an experience than an environment.

The Smart Home Feature:

In collab with the smart features, Nanoleaf’s Canvas and Light Panels to create customized mood settings and control options.

1. Googles’ Hub Nest:

So now, you can connect your Nanoleaf lighting panel system with your Google hub nest to set a party mood.

2. Apple’s Homekit Hub:

Besides, its magic IOS platform, the Nanoleaf’s remotes control not only the Nanoleaf’s Lighting Panels but also the Homekit ecosystem. All you need to do is make use of the remote to change and customizes the atmosphere according to your mood.

3. Amazon Echo Ecosystem:

If you are reading a novel and slowing bonding emotionally, then make use of Nanoleaf’s system to change your lighting to set your reading mood.

4. Conrad’s Connect Ecosystem:

Here, you can connect your Google calendar with Nanoleaf’s Light Panels to change colours.

Nanoleaf Light Panels Will Learn And Adapt To You
Nanoleaf Light Panels Will Learn And Adapt To You

5. Homey Smart Hub Feature:

You can create a relaxing ambiance through the automatic scheduling of your Nanoleaf’s Light Panels along with your favourite music.

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