Must-Have Home Gadgets Of The Year

In case you are making some adjustment or renovating your home. And you are searching for smart home gadgets then you are on the right page. We have gathered some of the home gadgets for you which are smart just like you. When you go out for buying some gadget, it’s always confusing what to pick. Technology and innovation have made everything a lot easier.

You find many gadgets on the market. We have picked some of our trusted and use cool gadgets for you. This list has few worth noting gadgets that you can buy. Here are some cool smart home gadgets for you.

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Nest Hello Video Doorbell

The Nest Hello is a smart video doorbell. If you are willing to install any smart video doorbell, then you should go for Nest Hello. It can take high-quality videos. And not only this it can record in 160 degrees. The Nest Hello is a cool home gadget because it works with Google Assistant. It can identify faces and alert you. This nest device wired, and you can use it in any place. And it always records videos because it has Nest Aware service which cost you around five dollars a month. This Nest Aware service give you access to all value features.

Koogeek Smart Plug – Smart Home Gadgets

We all generally face one issue when we buy new wired devices. And that is we have one plug point, but we need two for complete attachment. Then this Koogeek Smart Plug solves your issue. This is the Koogeek 2 in 1 Smart Plug which can control remotely and freely. And have two plugs and its compact. It does not block your other plugs to reach. The highlighting feature is that it can automate on and off according to you.

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Nest Protect Smoke Detector

In case you are looking for a smart home smoke detector, then you should go for this Nest Protect. It’s a cool smart home gadget, but it’s costly. You have to spend around 300 to 350 dollars for this Nest protect smoke detector. The Nest Protect smoke detector not only detects smoke, but it can also detect burning fires and carbon monoxide. It also tells you in which room fire located. This device can connect to other home gadgets as well.

Shark Ion R85 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Home Gadgets One Must Have

The Shark Ion R85 is the coolest home gadget on our list. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner, and the clean-up performance of this vacuum cleaner is 90 percent. This smart robot vacuum cleaner can connect with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Keeping your house clean always is not that easy. But this gadget help in clean-up for you. It has some cool features like an easy-to-clean dustbin and Smartphone control. Moreover, it’s compact and light to take.


The smart home gadgets that we have listed are cool and useful. The different voice assistant can control them all. And they do things like cleaning, security system, smart lights and much more. There are various smart devices, but we have selected some of them. And few of these devices are very costly as well.

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