Introducing Google's Alexa Smart Home -

Introducing Google’s Alexa Smart Home

Amazon has been in the e-business market for many years. But from the past few years, Amazon had launched its Amazon Alexa smart home devices. Amazon has turned out to be one of those companies which deliver all you can imagine. If it’s Amazon, you have it all from music, TV, books, audiobook, and other Amazon Alexa smart home devices. And no drought the Amazon Alexa smart home devices are top-notch.

Few Amazon Alexa Smart Home Gadgets

The Alexa is amazon’s voice assistant who was first compatible with only Amazon devices. But not it’s compatible with the third party devises as well. With the first launch echo device in 2014, it increased the demand for Amazon Alexa smart home devices. We have gathered a few of the best Amazon Alexa smart home devices for you.

Amazon Alexa Smart Home Devices

Alexa Smart Home: Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is the base option of this family. It’s now third generating and improving. From the earlier edition of this Amazon Echo Dot the newer once have better design and sound quality. This Amazon Echo Dot will cost you around 50 to 60 dollars. The Amazon Alexa smart home gadget family has many smarts devices. But the Amazon Echo Dot is mostly liked as of its size and speaker.

black Amazon Echo Dot speaker beside Apple Magic Mouse

Alexa Smart Home: Amazon Echo Show 5

This Amazon Echo Show 5 device comes with a small 5-inch screen. It has built-in Alexa which will help you to command the device. This Echo Show 5 will cost you around 90 to 100 dollars. The display on this device is touch, and you can use it in many ways. You can ask Alexa to answer calls, messages, and see live videos. This Amazon Echo Show 5 has enabled security cameras compatibility as well.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube is a mix of Amazon TV stick and Echo family speakers. It has all the features from Amazon fire stick and Echo speakers. The Fire TV Cube is Alexa smart home devices. This Fire TV Cube voice recognition is good. It can take command from anyplace in the room. This cube can play, pause, and search with Alexa voice command. It can also power on and control volume of your TV. The sound quality on this device is great. In terms of video streaming the Fire TV Cube can play 4K Ultra HD easily.

Echo Plus

Few Amazon Alexa Smart Home Gadgets

In case you like the Amazon Echo Dot. And you want all the features of the Echo dot with more sound then this Echo Plus is for you. It has all the good features of the Echo family with the improved speaker. You can easily play music, podcasts, and radio on this device. This Echo Plus has Alexa voice assistant, and with this, you can control other smart devices as well. With this speaker, Amazon is also offering you many bundle packages. So watch before you buy.

Echo Sub

In case you love to listen to music. And you also enjoyed the Amazon Echo features to control devices in your home. Then this Echo Sub is for you. It’s a sic inch subwoofer which can easily connect with other Amazon Echo devices. This speaker will give you great sound quality with deep bass in your music. The Echo Sub is larger than the usual Echo speaker. The design of this device is great, and you can have it in two different colors and will easily match your home decor.

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