Google Smart Hub Can Benefit Your Company

Google smart hub

Google Smart Hub is a smart speaker. It is preferred by many users who like smart digital devices. The digital devices become hands-free as they become more sophisticated. And therefore, the voice search feature is becoming more popular across all internet-connected devices.

Few of such famous devices include Amazon’s Echo series and Google Smart Hub. Though smart hubs are made for the convenience of the user, marketers can also pull these devices to promote brand awareness.

Google Smart Hub Can Benefit Your Company
Google Smart Hub Can Benefit Your Company

Therefore, we will discuss how Google Smart Hub can benefit your company.

What Is Google Smart Hub?

Google’s Smart Hub has a 7-inch display with an Ambient EQ light sensor. This sensor automatically adjusts to the brightness of the room.

It incorporates Assistant technology. And so, users can access Google Search, Maps, Calendar, and even YouTube with it.

Along with all the great features, It has excluded camera from Smart hub. Want to know the reason behind it? Because Google wants users to feel secure and maintain their privacy. So that users can keep it in private places of their home and still feel comfortable.

But is it worth without a camera? Apparently, Yes!

It is compatible with over 200 million smart products apart from common Google products. You can connect and control your Nest thermostat, Vizio TV volume, or even Philips Hue lights, and other products.

Now let’s see how it can benefit your business.

Google Smart Hub For Business

Usually in digital marketing, standard SEO practices are adopted to promote the products. But now marketers can consider voice search optimization as a new digital marketing strategy.

Google Smart Hub helps marketers to increase their sales by providing another opportunity to promote their product.

Let’s look at the aspects of Voice Search Engine Optimization.

Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is expected to rise by millions in the future. And so, digital marketers are focusing on Voice SEO. Voice search began on smartphones. But now, speakers like Google Smart Hub have extended their capabilities from hands to homes.

Let us look at a few tactics to refine your voice SEO. With this hub marketing strategy, you can increase your brand awareness.

Voice Keywords

Your promotional content should match the voice queries of customers. This is how your brand appears when customers perform a voice search. At first, you need to determine what keywords your audience may use to search your industry. This will help you to optimize your content for voice search.

Then you can expand your SEO by adding these specific keywords to your content. Many voice search queries are usually questions. And so, your content should be written such that it answers the user’s questions.

You can also create an FAQ page to help optimize your site for voice searches.

Colloquial Writing

Always write your product descriptions in colloquial language. This will help you to increase sales with your voice search optimization.

Your descriptions should be less structured and in an informal style. In this way, they match better with voice queries.

Google Smart Hub Can Benefit Your Company
Google Smart Hub Can Benefit Your Company

Optimize For Local

You can register your business on Google My Business through Google Home Hub. This will optimize your content for local search. Your business appears as a result of Google Maps and voice search.


Google Smart Hub plays an important role between products and consumers. Now, you have learned how to optimize your content for these platforms and increase sales.

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