Cool Features Of A Home Automation System


As the name suggests, it means an automatic system for controlling various facilities in a home. Smart home or Domotics are similar terms for the home automation system. This system controls lighting, house temperature, home appliances, etc. Sometimes it also includes home security systems. Nowadays, when connected with the internet, it enhances the features of a smart home. With home automation, all devices get connected to a central hub. Thus the control system can be installed in a tablet, computer, and smartphone or at a wall-mounted terminal.
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Tips And Features Of Home Automation System

Development of Home Automation System

Development of this device began with the production of home appliances.

To start with, it was the 1900s, when electric power distribution started for households. Supply of electricity helped families to buy home appliances for house help. Hence, home appliances became a part of every household. Eventually, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and such other devices became common.

Consequently, in 1975, X10 was developed. It was the first home automation system. In simple terms, this system communicates with other devices to control them. In summary, we can say that there are three generations of this product. They are wireless with a proxy server – the first-generation system. Artificial intelligence controlled devices – the second-generation system. Furthermore, the interactive system using robots- the third-generation system.

Benefits Of Home Automation System

The home automation system provides the benefit of remote access to many devices through a tablet, smartphones, and laptops. It makes a home smart home. Also, pre-programmed music systems, home temperature, lights, make living more comfortable. Above all On and off, timing can be set for various appliances.

Tips And Features Of Home Automation System

Consequently, all these features help conserve energy. The automatic door locking system is one of the prime benefits. Internet connection also provides control for operating this system. Fire detectors and air quality monitors increase home safety when connected with this system. Security cameras and home security systems offer further protection to the family. Thus all these systems, along with voice controls, make life easier.


There are various types of home automation system based on technology. They are as follows:

  1. Power line Based System- it uses existing power lines to transfer data. It is less expensive. Although it does not require additional cables, it requires converter circuits and devices.
  2. Wired or BUS Cable System- here, a centralized system is established. Thus centralized system acts as the central controller of all devices.
  3. Wireless System-it uses wireless technology like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. A touch panel displays the controls. Most importantly, a wireless system is the most advanced home automation system of the latest period.
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Day by day, upcoming products are becoming smart. TV’s, lights, plugs, air purifiers, door locks, etc. all are becoming smart. Eventually, home automation is the future of every household. Future seems impossible without automatic vacuum cleaners and bright devices. Hence some of the best models of home automation systems are as follows :

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Google Home Hub
  3. Wink Hub 2
  4. Samsung SmartThings
  5. Apple HomeKit
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