Building Gadgets – Modding A Construction Block Game

building gadgets

Building Gadgets is a mod about effortlessly making your life simpler when it comes to laying down blocks. The included tools allow you to seamlessly lay down blocks of any shape and size. You are also able to use the included blocks to place small floors, large walls, grids, or pillars with just a single touch. Furthermore, you can also copy and paste your designs. You can also create secret rooms for keeping items safe or simply put decorations on your walls.


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This mod is different from other building gadgets in that it requires blocks that can be purchased from a store, as opposed to being made in the game. You are also not required to do any kind of chopping or mining. However, the blocks you use for this mod are not the same ones used in the official version. The blocks for this mod must be purchased at a store.

The Craft

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The crafting of building gadgets can also be combined with the exchange. Exchanging a building gadget for another will cause it to drop the item for free. You only need to right-click on an item and choose ‘exchange’. This will cause the exchange gadget to drop to the ground, allowing you to pick it up and put it in your inventory.

Another great builder mod that assists in building gadgets is the creation of large structures. When a player builds a wall, they are required to break it open. If you break the structure, you are given the chance to construct a new one. However, the little tediousness that comes along with the creation of large structures can be greatly reduced by building gadgets.


To begin with, these mods require building gadgets that are crafted using either power or cement. The construction process is much easier if you use the power cement, which is obtained by combining dirt, sand and water into paste form. Once the pasta is ready, players can simply throw the paste onto the hole and let it dry before beginning the building process. There are a number of great builders who will gladly offer you advice on which type of paste to use. Once the paste has dried, you may start the actual construction. As you add extra clay to the mix, the walls will strengthen and increase their durability.


To create the buildings, players will need to find a number of appropriate blocks in the format of a building. The blocks can be found randomly in the world or can be found in specialised loot bags. After finding a suitable block, players must mine them with their mining tool. After all the blocks have been used, a player may then insert a piston into the middle of the structure. The piston will then be able to push up and down the blocks, building the walls of the desired shape. The main difference between the basic and advanced mods is the fact that the advanced mod requires more thought as there are no easy buttons to press to start the building process.


The building gadgets mod allows the user to use a keying system to control the various blocks and items used during the building process. Because there are no dedicated keys to use, the user will have to learn how to use several of the game’s keybindings. This can be done by learning about the functions of the keyboard and mouse by reading the in-game instructions or using the keyboard shortcut commands provided with the mod. The keybinds that are used for building gadgets have to be memorised and used in a specific order, or else it could cause the gadget to malfunction.

Wrapping Up

If you would like to see how the entire construction process works, you can view the video found on the Gazelle Gorge website. The videos provide a good insight into the mod and help players to understand how the system works. In addition to the videos, the templates manager allows you to preview different types of structures and see how they will look when they have been built. In addition to this, the templates manager allows users to download and save several building gadgets, such as floor plan generators and blueprint planners. With these tools, you can build as many structures as your imagination allows.

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