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7 Coolest Smart Home Design Ideas 2020

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A smart home design idea uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or technologies that control the utilities and appliances in your home by using remote or mobile devices. However, smart home design ideas do not need to be fully automated. You just selectively choose what technology is better to accommodate your lifestyle.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are popular in smart home design ideas because they offer their own app that lets you turn on and turn off lights at specific times. It has built-in sensors to detect movement and adjust brightness depending on your preference, and you can choose different colors to set different moods in your home. Although it can greatly aid in sleeping, smart bulbs are prone to frequent replacements each time.

Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators have built-in features, such as the ability to see what’s inside the refrigerator, and the capability to send and receive notes that will appear on the fridge’s screen and alerts you if the refrigerator door is open. Besides, smart refrigerators automatically turn on to adjust the temperature inside. There is also a less expensive model that doesn’t have a touchscreen but comes with an app that notifies you about the power outages and water filter replacement schedule.


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Thermostats are one of the smart home design ideas used for optimizing heating and cooling in your home. It monitors and controls your home’s temperature, humidity and airflow through your mobile device anytime and anywhere. Additionally, it turns down immediately when you have left home and you can customize the temperature of the individual rooms.

Door Locks

Another smart home design idea is to get your home security with upgraded door locks. Through a mobile device, you can lock or unlock your door, create a virtual key for visitors and keep track to those who enter and exit your home. There are some keyless variants that uses Bluetooth or fingerprint scanners. Although it can be tricky to navigate, eventually you’ll get used to it.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums have an ability to start, schedule, and clean spaces efficiently.  It has an impressive feature that enables it to memorize the layout of your home and present it to you via app.  Besides, they do better than a traditional one since robotic vacuums are convenient to use.

Smart bathrooms

Anyone would show fascination in some smart bathroom technology because it has a function to reduce water usage by half. At the same time, it uses smart technology to learn more about your habits, adjust to your preferences and create your ideal bathroom setting. Moreover, it sends you frequent updates that ensure your experience gets better by allowing you to control the temperature, pressure, duration and stream music via Bluetooth from your mobile device.

Smart Indoor Cameras

A smart indoor camera can provide peace of mind when dealing with notifications. It has some amazing features like build in sirens and smoke alarms. It also offers motion sensors, facial recognition technology and real time video monitoring. Aside from that, you can monitor multiple cameras using an app, which makes it a great smart indoor camera for setting up a reliable home security.


Although smart homes ideas are not everyone’s cup of tea, it can be convenient, cost-saving and stylish for your home when fully used at its potential. Therefore, start choosing what’s best for you and family right now!

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