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5 Best Smart Home System

Best Smart Home System

Nowadays, high technology is within the four corners of your home. With home automation available, you can choose from different devices you want to incorporate in your rooms.

Among these devices are security cameras, door locks, thermostats, light bulbs, and controllable sensors by your smartphones. If you’re planning to get one yet, you’re not sure which devices to buy, here are five best smart home systems you can consider!

Ring Alarm

If you’re looking for the best security-focused smart home system, Ring Alarm is the right choice. It comes with a numeric keypad for arming and disarming the system, a motion, door, and window sensor, with a base station siren.

The alarm goes off when it catches unwanted movements, tapping the system to create a noise. It tells you which sensor is triggered then sends an alert to your phone. This is a great way for you to stay aware of any threats that are going to happen to your home.

Minut Smart Home Alarm

One of the best smart home systems prioritizes your privacy, although it is limited to controlling other smart devices in your home. This alarm is particular in protecting your family without relying on cameras and microphones.

Easy to set up, this device is top-notch on its field. What makes this system unique is its Passive Infrared detection, which detects heat from moving things instead of its motion. Just like a ring alarm, you will also get alerts when something unusual is happening in your home area.

ADT Blue Indoor Camera

This smart home system is best for security. A USB powered that supports motion sensors and facial recognition. The Blue might not have the fanciest design, but they function nicely. This camera offers a two-way walk feature allowing you to speak to people through your devices. Also, this camera tips an alarm when it detects carbon monoxide and smoke.

Wink Hub 2

If smart automation devices power your home, you might want to buy a Wink Hub. It is among the best smart home system that brings all under a single application. The good thing about this hub is it offers local manual control of light bulbs and switches in electric power interruption cases. It can also be fully wireless, without worrying about cables.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub is another smart home system that supports automated home products. One of the best, it is wireless and provides the option to be connected via ethernet cable. SmartThings is compatible with 329 products. This hub lets you control and monitor your home wherever you are in the world.


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Investing in a smart home system is one of the greatest things you can put in your home. It is not only techy and luxurious to sound, but it can secure you and your family’s safety whether you are in or out of your home.

The security and safety of your home can be traced using your smartphone. So, even if you are at work and there are some unusual things that are happening in your home, you will be alerted ASAP.

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