5 Best Smart Home Lighting System- That Transforms Your Home

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With the changing variations in home revolutions, interior design techniques, bright lighting, and a shift towards sustainability has become an essential component. Furthermore, it seems to be an essential and primary step towards the evolution of smart homes.

In today’s world lighting system designed initially for energy efficiency, the innovative light technology has considerably increased the convenience and security facet for the users. Some innovative bulbs are listed below with various fittings to help you find the best smart home lighting system.

LIFX Bulb- Clean

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LIFX presents the latest bulb called the Clean, and it works like a bright light bulb; also, you can turn it in any color. In addition, it has a setting where it can kill harmful bacteria by emitting High Energy Visible light and is safe to use around household pets and humans. According to LIFX, this bulb can eliminate bacteria from items like keys and smartphones. In addition, you can use this multi-bulb system in the kitchen or bathroom to help reduce bacteria.

Sengled’s Bulbs

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Sengled presents smart light bulbs in different varieties like soft white bulbs or multicolored candle-shaped bulbs. These bulbs will provide an excellent and attractive look to your home and make your home beautiful. Plus, to run the Sengled bulb, a hub is required too, but these light bulbs and a hub both are inexpensive. 

Sylvania- One Of The Best Smart Home Lighting System

The smart lighting system is the primary starting point for looking to get into home automation. With Sylvania’s Apple HomeKit compatible bulbs, it presents an excellent solution. These are smart color-changing bulbs and also very easy and straightforward to use and set up. There is no obligation to invest in a router to do the work for you because each bulb has a Bluetooth radio built-in. To control the light bulbs, you can use the Home app along with other Apple-friendly devices.

Wiz Smart Lights

Wiz has designed its intelligent lights, making them available in a broader range of fittings and easier to set up. These smart bulbs come in filament or white color, and you can control them from any device with Alexa, a smartphone, or Google Assistant. These lights will automatically adjust the color tone during the day to mimic natural light; additionally, it has a brightness of 806 lumens.

White LED Bulbs 

White light also has its importance because it provides a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to our home, making our home attractive. At present, many scientists show how various shades of white with variation in color temperature can impact our psychological state. Moreover, it provides energizing effects, but every white LED smart bulb is not color-temperature-tunable; hence, check out the bulbs properly before purchasing.

Summing Up

Bright lighting has become the most adaptive system to make our house attractive or fashionable. They are fashioned to serve multiple purposes, such as lighting backgrounds, home decor elements, decorative lights, workstation lighting, home décor elements, and many more. All of these are the best smart home lighting systems that provide an attractive look to your home.

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